A manga junkie's recommendations on titles Company B can't or won't license.
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Filler Entry
2008.01.20. (Sun) | Edit |
I've been so busy writing my work related blogs that I've neglected this one too long.. and now the comments are filled with spam & I also get a message saying that blogs that have been ignored for over 1 month get this automatic advertisement post.

Do all free blogs do that?

Anyhoo, this is a filler entry.

I'll write about 20th Century Boys (already licensed by Company V) one of these days.

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Happiness is More New Manga
2006.08.25. (Fri) | Edit |
Buyer K of Company B sent out an email to the staff w/ new manga coming in next week.

My sister's been waiting to read more of the Takumi-kun series, and a bunch of them (five) are arriving next week. We initially looked at a few volumes for licensing purposes, but Kadokawa told us that they licensed it already.

I'm looking forward to Sunadokei (砂時計) vol 10, which is the final volume of the tear-jerker series. I've been holding off writing about this series, so I can pour my heart out about it. I hope Company V releases it in the US. Shoujo fans deserve to read this!

Then there's Cat Street vol 5. I've been itching to write about this series here too.

And finally Pride vol 6. I read it every month in Chorus, but I like to read them all at once every so often. So that's why I get the comics too.

There are a few more I look forward to reading, but they're licensing related, so I can't talk about it here. If everything goes well, you'll read about it in Company B blog. If not, I'll pour my broken heart here.

I'm looking forward to next week.
Maybe they'll arrive Tuesday. Maybe Wednesday.
I hope the weekend goes by quickly.

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Personal Blog Begins
2006.08.06. (Sun) | Edit |
First entry of my personal blog.


Even though I run two blogs for work (getting paid to write them), I'm limited to what I can talk about.

Especially when it comes to manga I like, but Company B can't license. Or won't license.

So I decided to let my non-creative juices run to talk about manga that's not related to work.

It'll be mostly shoujo or lady's manga.
If I'm lucky to bump into some shounen or seinen manga that I like, I'll mention it here too.

I'm no writer, so I won't review manga here. Or write up clever synopses. It'll be a list of stuff I bought & read, re-read from the manga library in our living room, stuff I want to read.

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