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Cat Street vol 5
2006.08.29. (Tue) | Edit |
Cat Street is a new manga series by Hana Yori Dango author Yoko Kamio.

It's a story about a former child star named Kate who gets betrayed by her best friend & rival child star and becomes a hikikomori or recluse. Kate is now 16, her family is barely holding together and her only human contact is a waiter/bartender of a bar.

One day, Kate is eating at the bar when a strange middle-aged man asks her if she goes to school. He tells her to follow him & he takes her to a "free school" called El Liston.

The man is the superindentent of El Liston, which is a private institution where kids who couldn't go to school for various reasons come to do what they want to do. The students can take naps, read books in the library, make crafts or continue to study.

At El Liston, Kate learns to trust others & slowly comes out of the shell she's been in for so many years.

I decided to read Cat Street vol 5 first among all the manga that came in this week. Even though Cat Street is very tear jerk-y (or maybe I just cry over anything), it's a very feel-good tear jerker.

Aside from being a former child star, Kate is a typical teenager who hates life (well, maybe a little excessively) and blames all of her troubles on her parents and rival child star / former best friend Nako. But because she stopped going to school & having any social interaction since elementary school, Kate is pure & simple, but timid.. and at times dumb. Dumb in a cute way that you love your dumb cat.

The other characters are very likeable too. Like Rei, a former high school star soccer player who dropped out because he couldn't get along with his teammates. And Momiji, a girl who's into gothic-lolita attire who dropped out of high school because she felt suffocated in a school uniform and the social structure of classmates. And Koichi, a genius programmer who quit high school because the curriculum was too easy and boring for him.

There's also side characters like Taiyo, a former classmate of Kate from elementary school who helps her come out of her shell. She also falls in love with him, only to get her heartbroken (and almost goes back into her shell) when he starts dating his classmate Hirano-san.

And of course Kate's former best friend & current teen actress Nako makes an appearance.

Manga author Yoko Kamio took a long break (1-1/2 years?) after Hana Yori Dango ended. I was disappointed with how Hana-Dan was dragging on during the last few volumes (I didn't even bother reading the final volume! I need to pick it up), so I'm glad she started a new series that I like just as much as when I was reading Hana-Dan.

It's a good series & I hope Company V decides to release Cat Street in the US even if Hana-Dan doesn't do well. I think Cat Street is a great series that it will bring new readers to the older Hana-Dan series.

Since I don't plan on going back to review Cat Street vol 1 - 4, I'll write a short synopsis in the "read more" section for each volume, and a longer chapter-by-chapter synopsis of vol 5.


Cat Street
Author: Yoko Kamio
Volumes: currently up to 5
Publisher: Shueisha

Likelihood of Company B to license: 0
Well, it's Company V's title. Even if it's not licensed, it's on Company V's platter. If heaven and earth flip over (what a Japanese saying!) and pigs fly, we'd have a teeny chance of getting it (which I'd pick up in a nano second).

PS. Tee-hee. I did a search on "El Liston" to make sure I spelled it right... and the first Japanese website Google gave me was a host club website. I must say the No. 1 guy Aito is pretty cute.


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