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Zig Zag Don vol 1
2006.09.06. (Wed) | Edit |
One thing I like about subscribing to manga magazines is that you find authors you wouldn't have known about otherwise.

So while reading Cookie for Nana, I discovered Takumi Ishida's manga.

I think when I started reading Nana, Takumi Ishida was still writing Yogoreteru Hima wa Nai (汚れてる暇はない). But that series ended & she started a new series called Zig Zag Don (ジグザグ丼).

Zig Zag Don vol 1

Zig Zag Don is about a high school student named Ichina who hates her mother Yoko. Ichina was raised by her single mother Yoko who runs a bar & doesn't know who Ichina's father is. So Ichina always wanted to have a real romance, get married & have children.

In the start of the story, Ichina gets dumped by her boyfriend. She later learns that her boyfriend got together with her close friend Sekiya's girlfriend. Ichina & Sekiya end up sleeping together, but Sekiya looks like he regrets going beyond being friends.

Meanwhile, Yoko brings in a high school student (who goes to Ichina's school) named Nukui to live with them. Nukui seems nice, but there are bad rumors about him around school.

Nukui also happens to know about Ichina's real father. Yoko finally tells her story about how she met Koichi to Ichina.

Hm. I shouldn't really spoil the story, so no more story details from here.

Hopefully like Sunadokei, I can write volume synopsis here. I haven't even started on Sunadokei either... I think I'll write a synopsis of Zig Zag Don vol 1 here anyway.

Zig Zag Don
Author: Takumi Ishida
Volumes: 1 - 6 (complete)
Publisher: Shueisha

Likelihood of Company B to license: -2
Little too dark & not very mainstream. But it's a good manga with a solid storytelling. Maybe if we're lucky, Company V will bring it out to the US. But probably not. Times like this, I'm glad I can read Japanese.


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