A manga junkie's recommendations on titles Company B can't or won't license.
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Shanimuni Go vol 24
2006.11.13. (Mon) | Edit |
At the time of writing, I have Shanimuni Go listed as sports manga. But it's a shoujo manga too.

Unfortunately this blog site doesn't allow for multiple categories for one post, so I had to choose. But maybe somewhere along the line I might change my mind & change it to shoujo manga.

Anyway, Shanimuni Go is a tennis manga by Marimo Ragawa, the manga artist for Baby and Me. She also did New York, New York.

Marimo Ragawa likes to write stories with guys as main characters. Takuya was the lead for Baby and Me. Mel and Cain were leads for NYNY. And Shanimuni also has two male leads - Nobuhisa & Louis.

Nobuhisa is a star Jr HS track athelete who meets a girl named Hinako who's hitting tennis balls against the wall. He decides he wants to learn to play tennis (love at first sight for Hinako & tennis), and studies to get into the same school as her (Hinako is a year older).

Louis Takita is a star juniors tennis player who's going through a slump of sorts. His dad tells him to quit playing tennis b/c it's going nowhere.

So they end up at the same school. End up joining the tennis team. And creates the legendary HS tennis team... well, they're not there yet.

Hinako, in the meantime... got into a car accident, hurt her leg, got it infected, and now her left leg doesn't move. She had to stay back a year b/c she missed a good part of her first year in HS. She's angry about her situation, but remembers how much she loves tennis & joins the tennis team as a manager.

So what's with Louis' name? Fufufu... he's my favorite type of human being, a happa boy. Although that's a spoiler since it doesn't get revealed until 10 or so volumes into the story.

Shanimuni Go vol 24

Shanimuni Go vol 24 is right in the middle of the preliminary tournaments for the main HS event, IH aka Inter-High aka Inter-High School Championships or what we call in the US, Nationals. Hinako is working hard at attemping wheelchair tennis... Nobucchi gets his ankle injured & has to stay out of Kantou Championships... Louis is still struggling with his inner demons. Ikeyan sensei decides to keep Nobucchi and Louis out of the Kantou Champs... and they only have IH left in the story!! (Louis came in 1st at State Champs, Nobucchi was 2nd, so they both get to go to IH)

Is Louis ever going to beat Shun? Is Nobucchi ever going to beat Louis? There isn't enough tournaments left! Unless Louis beats Shun in Team Tourney S1 (singles 1)... and Nobucchi beats Louis in the male singles? Or maybe Nobucchi will never beat Louis... or Louis will never beat Shun... Hmmmm.

Shanimuni Go vol 25 doesn't come out until March 2007. Gaah! Someone, scan Hana Yume issues!! From the previews in vol 24... vol 25 is that it's about Louis' parents. So exciting!!

Shanimuni Go
Author: Marimo Ragawa
Volumes: 24+
Publisher: Hakusensha

Likelihood of Company B to license: -2
Sports manga... Hakusensha... too many obstacles.

(vol 24 synopsis... maybe coming soon)

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Beautiful vol 1
2006.11.10. (Fri) | Edit |
I've neglected this blog for a long time.
I got a bunch of new personal-use manga in the last 4 weeks, but nothing gave me the fire to write, I guess.

It's all the writing for Company B, I bet.

But I'm starting to get the little itch again, so what better way to get motivated than writing about a bishounen?

Beautiful is a ballet manga by Chiho Saito, the manga artist of Revolutionary Girl Utena. The main bishounen, er... main character is Yuri Andrevich Lermontov (sp random), who is a half-Japanese, half-Russian teenager. He lived with his Japanese mother (former ballerina) Anri, his Russian military-man stepfather and his half-sister Anna until a nuclear power plant meltdown killed his father & made his mother very sick.

Yuri is blessed with a ballet talent and goes off to study ballet when his mother dies. From the pain of losing his mother and the guilt he felt for leaving Anna alone in grief, he has an incestuous relationship w/ Anna and vows to quit ballet to support her. But Anna immediately checks into a monestary thinking Yuri would continue to dance without her.

So devastated Yuri goes from ballet company to ballet company in search for his roots (goes to Japan to meet his mother's teacher) and to search for Anna.

I'm not into ballet, and I don't think I've ever seen a ballet stage. But Chiho Saito's male ballet dancers are so pretty. Hafu~

Beautiful is currently up to volume 3, which is what I got a few weeks ago. Chiho Saito has another series called Bronze Angel (ブロンズの天使) running at the same time. She keeps herself pretty busy.

Author: Chiho Saito
Volumes: 3 (on going)
Publisher: Shogakukan

Likelihood of Company B to license: -2
Company V has a lot on their plate, so I don't think they'll get around to this one for a long time. I guess there are plenty of other shoujo manga that would be easier to sell in the US market. Oh, but Yuri is so pretty!

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