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Kisekae Yuka-chan vol 10
2007.02.02. (Fri) | Edit |
I feel like I've been reading lots of manga, but they were all for work.

But that's not really true.
There was a sale at Book Market (used bookstore) in Santa Monica Mitsuwa a few weeks ago, and we bought bunko versions of Pineapple Army vol 1-4 and Ponytail Hakusho vol 1-3. So I did do a lot of personal manga reading. Or at least all in one day.

Anyhoo, I just got my copy of Kisekae Yuka-chan vol 10 (きせかえユカちゃん).

A bit about Kisekae Yuka-chan.
It's a shoujo manga that runs in Cookie magazine & it's about a 6th grader named Yuka. She's tall, pretty & fashionable, so she's commonly mistaken for not being an elementary school girl. But she's also not very smart & eats a lot.

Her best friend Midori-chan is a short petite girl who dreams of becoming a fashion designer & likes to dress up Yuka. Midori-chan's mom owns a vintage clothing store, so the two girls spend a lot of time there.

But the best part of the series is:
1) Sadako-sensei - her real name is Sadaoka-sensei, but was nicknamed Sadako by her students b/c her long black hair hangs over her face when she gets upset. It's a reference to the movie "The Ring," although I don't watch horror movies, so I really don't know.
2) Yuka's mom - stay at home mom, but not your typical apple-pie baking mom. She's hard to describe in few words. Enka-loving, military-play-loving, likes to write scenarios for the unfortunate people around her, type of crazy mom.

There's also shota-heart tickling Masumi, Yuka's older sister Yumi & her boyfriend (now ex) Shige, Masumi's Japanese-western food restaurant owner/cook dad, slutty boin-chan... lots of funny characters.

Hm, I didn't even talk about Kisekae Yuka-chan vol 10 yet.

Well, what really inspired me to write here is actually not the main Kisekae Yuka-chan, but the short manga that they tacked on at the end of the volume.

Kisekae Yuka-chan is pretty short for a shoujo manga, running about 20-pages per month (most monthly shoujo manga run at least 30-pages). So I'm guessing the publisher wants to release the manga regularly & doesn't want to release a volume a year... so they took 8 months worth (8 chapters) and added two one-shot manga to release the volume faster.

According to the back of the book, the one-shot manga ran in Young You magazine. So they characters are a bit older & the story leans towards romantic-ness.

The first story is called Nomarechimauze Sugar Wave (のまれちまうぜシュガウェーブ). About a OL named Mori-chan who has a crush on the electrician who comes in to her office to fix the TV wiring. There's nothing extraordinary about the story, except the TV guy's line.

Mori-chan fantasizes about becoming a monster & destroying power lines, and how the TV guy would come and calm her down with a kiss. Truely lame fantasy (she says so herself), but decides to yank out the cables from the TV in the office so they'd have to call him in to fix it. After everyone in the office tells him that Mori-chan broke the TV on purpose, he tells her that the TV's not broken & she'd have to do more extreme things to break it.

Then he says:
"But you don't have to go that far. I'd come anyway. You can just call me up, and I'll come."
そこまでやんなくても。。。来るよ 俺。

My translation doesn't do it justice.

Nose-bleed desu yo.

OK, calm down... me.

The second story is called Touryanse (とうりゃんせ), about Suwa-san who works at a reptile-only pet shop. She went to see fireworks with the pet shop manager, but they got lost from each other in the crowd. The manager tells her that in the Edo period, a bridge fell down when a bunch of people went on it to watch fireworks & about 1000 people died.

Kinda gloomy talk for a romantic interest...
But Suwa sees a dream about her & the manager seeing fireworks from the bridge, and the bridge falls. The next day, the manager says he saw a dream like it. And he's been seeing the same dream for a long time.

So it's a bit of a reincarnation story. Altho they don't make it that romantical.

The second story was so-so.
Maybe I just need to read it patiently & read more into it.

The manager wears glasses, but I couldn't get moe over him.

So the book info.

Kisekae Yuka-chan
Author: Akiko Higashimura
Volumes: 10 (on going)
Publisher: Shueisha

Likelihood of Company B to license: 0
I sound like a broken record, but it's Shueisha. Company B is like booger. Or ear booger (Americans would call that wax). And it's bit of a gag manga, which doesn't exactly translate well into English. And the art is cute but messy, and takes a little getting used to. But it's a fun read.

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