A manga junkie's recommendations on titles Company B can't or won't license.
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Hetare Spiral vol 1
2007.08.20. (Mon) | Edit |
My boss at Company B brought back a book called "Kono Manga ga Sugoi" (この漫画がすごい) a while back. It's an annual book where they list the top 10 manga selected by polls and by industry professionals. There are two different volumes - one for men's manga & one for women's manga.

I finally had time to read through the book last month. There were several manga that sounded interesting, so I ordered a bunch of them.

Hetare Spiral (へたれスパイラル) was one of the recommended manga.

It's about a 28 year old woman named Ranko who works for a movie publicity company. She's good looking, but hasn't had a boyfriend in 10 years & is still a virgin. In order to meet men, her friend enrolls her in an online dating service. The guy she ends up meeting is a 28 year old virgin named Tanaka.

Both Ranko and Tanaka aren't used to dating, so they react negatively (awkwardly?) to each other's actions. They're both timid that the other doesn't like them that much... and timid about how they should approach the other... what they should say.

Hetare means loser. Or a coward.
In this manga, hetare is more of a loser than a coward.

Tanaka is a hetare because he's a nice guy with a good job, but he's a fishing otaku. And a bit of a push over. And a bit awkward.

There are lots of sweet moments in the manga, and it's a really cute story.

Although it got me wondering if I like hetare's too.

I quickly ordered Hetare Spiral vol 2.
Come come quickly.

Hetare Spiral
Author: Mitsuru Fujii
Volumes: 2
Publisher: Kodansha

Will something like this come out in the US? Maybe not for a while.

The target audience for Hetare Spiral is women 25 - 30 range. Those who are already working & not married. Or with friends who aren't married. Or recently got married.

There aren't enough manga readers in that target group in the US yet. I know plenty in the target age range, but my friends are the early adopters (also called old school) of manga, so they're not the average manga readers of today. Basically we're old. But we still love shoujo manga!

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