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Cat Street vol 8
2008.05.04. (Sun) | Edit |
I realized I haven't written a review for Cat Street vol 7, but I just got vol 8 & thought I should write about it before I forget to. Plus I'd have to locate vol 7 somewhere.

For those who don't know, Cat Street ends in vol 8.
I think YokoKamio had enough of writing a long series, plus she already started a new series in Jump Squared called "Matsuri Special."

While I still don't agree with the sudden 3-year jump in the story in vol 6, seeing how Cat Street ended, I understand why the author needed to do that. It could have transitioned better, but I don't have any suggestions as to how, so I'll shut up now.

Cat Street has an okay ending. It's too bad that the second half of the series isn't a "I can cry every time I read it" like the first 4 volumes. Hm, I should write about Kimi ni Kagayaku (君に輝く), which is a really old shoujo manga... I can read that every time & cry for hours (it's a happy ending!).

But Cat Street vol 8 ends happy.
I liked the one line about "the legendary four"... it's like F4. Oh, a bit different. But thought it was funny, although I'm sure it wasn't intended that way.

Oh, and there's a short story about Momiji at the end. It's cute, although I would stay away from a guy who wears a cape. And blue contacts.

Cat Street
Author: Yoko Kamio
Volumes: 8 (end)
Publisher: Shueisha

Anyhoo, enjoy the synopsis!


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