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Sunadokei vol 10
2006.08.30. (Wed) | Edit |
It took me a little bit of courage to pick up Sunadokei (砂時計) vol 10. It's the final volume, although the main story ended at vol 8.. and vol 9 and vol 10 were side stories & epilogue to the main story.

Sunadokei is a your-eyes-are-puffy-the-next-day manga. And being the last volume, I knew I was going to cry my eyes dry.

The story is about a young girl (12) named An who moves back to her mother's home town in Shimane after her parents divorce. She becomes friends with local boys Daigo and Fuji and Fuji's younger sister Shiika.

An gets used to the country, but her emotionally sensitive mother has trouble adapting to the close-knit town. One winter day, An's mother goes out for a walk and doesn't come home. The villagers find her dead in the mountain & An finds a suicide note from her mother.

Sunadokei is a story about a girl growing up with huge emotional scars of her mother's suicide, friendship and love she finds and loses along the way.

An spends ages 12 to 16 in Shimane. Then goes to live with her father in Tokyo during high school. She gets a job after high school & gets engaged, which falls through in the end. She gets tired of trying too hard, goes back to the beach near the sand clock museum that her mother took her to when she was 12, and cuts her wrists.

An lives in the end (or that would be a really crappy story!) and gets together with her childhood sweetheart Daigo.

Sunadokei vol 9 is mostly about An's mother, Daigo's mother & Fuji's mother as older teens & young adults in the small town in Shimane.

Sunadokei vol 10 is a two-part story about Daigo's students (he becomes an elementary school teacher) and how he hopes he can become a good influential person in his students' lives, like his teacher was when he was young.

Oh, there's so much to write, since the story covers 10+ years of An's life! But I can't write it all here, so I'll write about each volume in pieces. (I learned my lesson trying to write "short synopses" for Cat Street. It can't be done!)

Company V is currently releasing SOS by the same author as Sunadokei. If they don't release Sunadokei, there's something wrong, wrong, wrong with manga licensing in the US!

Of course my opinions don't matter anyway, since I don't buy US manga (I'm not a consumer, so my opinions don't matter).

Author: Hinako Ashihara
Volumes: 1 - 10 complete
+ fan book
Publisher: Shogakukan

Likelihood of Company B to license: 0
Like Cat Street, it's Company V's title. I hope one day I can work on a shoujo manga this good.


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thanks for the summary. In my country they've published 4 vols so far. Looking forward to the rest ^^
Wonder why An cut her wrist?? I don't like it at all! And I think she doesn't deserve Fuji. An and Daigo gets together in the end, i think it's a good ending anyway.
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