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Chorus October 2006 Issue
2006.08.31. (Thu) | Edit |
In Chorus October 2006 issue, Pride is getting more doki doki.

Shio gets caught in the wave & gets pulled out into the ocean. Ranmaru goes after her even though Moe tells him not to go. Moe ties a rope around her waist, jumps into the water & helps Ranmaru pull Shio back to shore.

Takashi Jinno rushes to the hospital even though he had been drinking alcohol at his parents' home for New Year's.

He gets to the hospital & learns that Shio will be okay. When he goes out to make a phone call to his parents, Moe confronts him about making a contract for the promise he made (CD deal after she comes back from her study abroad in Italy). Takashi tells her it's fine, but she will have to get 3rd place in the national opera contest.

Moe asks Takashi to drive her back to the hotel she's staying at, since she jumped into the winter ocean to save his fiancee. While driving, Moe tells Takashi that Shio still likes Ranmaru, which agitates him.

When Moe tells him that he passed the street, he backs into a young mother on a bicycle with a toddler in a child basket. The mother & child are slightly injured, but Takashi tells Moe not to get out of the car & drives off.

Moe decides to use the hit-and-run to blackmail Takashi. She asks him to invite him into his bedroom.

Kyaaaa~, Moe is getting more & more evil. I'm actually feeling pretty bad for Takashi, who's not the guy to root for. Moe's going to continue to blackmail him for the rest of his life!

In Ice Age, the story about student Ai continues. Ai's older brother takes a picture of Micchi (math teacher) and Ishihara-sensei (Naomi, nurse's office teacher) coming out of their apartment & sends it to the PTA. They get called into the principal's office & Micchi convinces Ishihara-sensei that they should get married. She finally gives in to his marriage proposal.

Eiji tells Micchi that the person who dropped the cell phone is named Ai Kousaka & Micchi says that's his student's name. Micchi talks to Ai, who says her older brother did it so she wouldn't have a crush on Micchi anymore. She also tells Micchi that she's grateful to her brother b/c for a quiet, normal student like her, Micchi wouldn't have taken the time to talk to her one-on-one like this.

Meanwhile Eiji goes back to the okama bar where he met Ai (older brother). Ai worries that Eiji told his sister about the okama bar hostess job, but Eiji assures him that he understands it's difficult to talk about it with loved ones. Ai kisses Eiji.

Eiji heads home & sees Inui-sensei waiting for him. She brought some home-made miso to share with him, when she notices lipstick stain on the side of his lips. She gets mad & leaves, and Eiji tells her it's not a woman but a man... and Inui-sensei gets even more mad & leaves.

I'm a slow reader, so I didn't read the rest of Chorus. There's Seigi no Mikata (正義の味方) to read. I haven't gotten into Massugu ni Ikou (まっすぐにいこう), which is a series I used to read in Margaret but there's a blank from where I left off to when it re-started in Chorus. And I can't get into Hachimitsu to Clover (ハチミツとクローバー) because I haven't read the story at all when it was running in Bouquet.

Oh, I did read Omu-8 (Omukae Made 8-jikan, おむかえまで8時間) by Yoko Gendai. It was a tour of Shueisha's new building & they mentioned an archive room filled with all the magazines that was published in Shueisha's 80-year history.

I want to go in there and read all the nostalgic manga.

Next is Cookie October 2006 issue!


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