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Zig Zag Don vol 1
2006.09.06. (Wed) | Edit |
One thing I like about subscribing to manga magazines is that you find authors you wouldn't have known about otherwise.

So while reading Cookie for Nana, I discovered Takumi Ishida's manga.

I think when I started reading Nana, Takumi Ishida was still writing Yogoreteru Hima wa Nai (汚れてる暇はない). But that series ended & she started a new series called Zig Zag Don (ジグザグ丼).

Zig Zag Don vol 1

Zig Zag Don is about a high school student named Ichina who hates her mother Yoko. Ichina was raised by her single mother Yoko who runs a bar & doesn't know who Ichina's father is. So Ichina always wanted to have a real romance, get married & have children.

In the start of the story, Ichina gets dumped by her boyfriend. She later learns that her boyfriend got together with her close friend Sekiya's girlfriend. Ichina & Sekiya end up sleeping together, but Sekiya looks like he regrets going beyond being friends.

Meanwhile, Yoko brings in a high school student (who goes to Ichina's school) named Nukui to live with them. Nukui seems nice, but there are bad rumors about him around school.

Nukui also happens to know about Ichina's real father. Yoko finally tells her story about how she met Koichi to Ichina.

Hm. I shouldn't really spoil the story, so no more story details from here.

Hopefully like Sunadokei, I can write volume synopsis here. I haven't even started on Sunadokei either... I think I'll write a synopsis of Zig Zag Don vol 1 here anyway.

Zig Zag Don
Author: Takumi Ishida
Volumes: 1 - 6 (complete)
Publisher: Shueisha

Likelihood of Company B to license: -2
Little too dark & not very mainstream. But it's a good manga with a solid storytelling. Maybe if we're lucky, Company V will bring it out to the US. But probably not. Times like this, I'm glad I can read Japanese.

Zig Zag Don vol 1

Chapter 1
Ichina comes home to find a man bugging Yoko to let him take her up to her room. Yoko introduces Ichina as her cousin, but in fact, Yoko is Ichina's mother.

Yoko notices that Ichina is cranky, and asks if she was dumped by a guy.

Ichina remembers when she was young, she asked Yoko about her father. Yoko brings out a bunch of albums & tells Ichina one of the guys in the picture is probably her father. Ever since then, Ichina wanted to have a normal relationship with a guy.

Ichina finds out that her boyfriend dumped her because he started seeing her classmate Sekiya's girlfriend. To celebrate(?) their sadness, Ichina & Sekiya's friends take them to karaoke, but they end up leaving them behind.

Ichina & Sekiya are drunk and end up going to a love hotel. Ichina tells Sekiya it's her first time, and when they leave the hotel in the morning Ichina notices that Sekiya is full of regret. She tells him not to worry about it & think of it as a dream, but she feels terrible on the way home.

When Ichina gets home, a young man is at home with Yoko. Ichina walks the young man to the train station, when she spills her horrible night with Sekiya. Only then the young man reveals that his name is Hidetaro Nukui & that he goes to the same school as her.

Chapter 2
Next morning Ichina gets a call from Sekiya. Because Yoko is listening, Ichina tells him once again that he shouldn't dwell on it. She regrets saying that later when Sekiya shows up at school as if nothing had happened.

Nukui drops into her classroom during lunch, and Ichina's friends tell her about the rumors about Nukui. Sekiya is bothered by Nukui looking for Ichina, and talks to her alone. Ichina is surprised that Sekiya can act normal when they're alone, so she asks him to ditch school with her.

They go to a love hotel again, and Sekiya looks like he's already regretting it. As they're leaving, tears start pouring out of Ichina's eyes. Sekiya apologizes to Ichina & tells her they should get together.

Later, Sekiya gets a call from Yoko who asks him to meet her. Few days later, Ichina was looking at Sekiya's cell phone & notices that he got a call from Yoko. When she confronts him about it, Sekiya tells her she's annoying him.

Chapter 3
Ichina quickly apologizes because she can sense Sekiya's emotions cooling. She tries to make conversation, but Sekiya tells her he can't continue to date her anymore & that he was weak.

Ichina goes home w/ Nukui and confronts Yoko about what she said to Sekiya. After she gets into a fight w/ Yoko, Ichina complains to Nukui that Yoko should have never had her. But Yoko hits her in the head & tells her that she wanted to give birth, and she won't let anyone say otherwise.

After Ichina & Yoko stop arguing, Nukui says Ichina won't ever be like Yoko because Ichina is supposed to be like Koichi. Yoko wiggles out of explaining about Ichina's father and leaves, when she bumps into Sekiya by the elevator. Sekiya tells her he broke up with Ichina.

Next day, Ichina decides to go talk to Sekiya. They become friends again, and Sekiya tells Ichina that he thinks Yoko is cool.

That evening, Ichina gets a call from the hospital that Yoko got hit by a car.

Chapter 4
Ichina & Nukui rush to the hospital. Yoko is okay, and conforts Nukui about making him remember bad memories.

Yoko realizes the next day is the 23rd, which is the day an important customer comes to the bar. Nukui suggests that Ichina opens the bar.

Nukui helps Ichina set up the bar, where Ichina notices a picture of her displayed in the corner of the bar. Nukui tells her that Ichina's photos are kept in an album in the store too.

Nukui also tells Ichina that the special customer is the owner of the building that the bar is in, and he paid for the entire cost of opening the bar.

Different customers come into the bar & Ichina learns how Yoko built the atmosphere of the bar. The bar is empty & is about to close when a middle-aged man comes in. He is the special customer.

Nukui introduces the man as his father.

Chapter 5
Nukui dad tells Ichina he's surprised how much she's grown. Ichina realizes that the photos displayed in the store were meant to show to this man & that he is probably her father. He tells her to contact him whenever she wants to talk to him.

After they close the bar, Ichina asks Nukui if he knew all along, but didn't tell her anything. Nukui tells her that he wanted to see her get shocked because he doesn't like her.

Ichina understands that Nukui wouldn't like a girl who has the same father as her.

Next day, Yoko leaves an answering machine message saying she'll be gone for a while. But she doesn't come home even after 1 week.

Ichina goes to the bar, and finds Nukui hanging around. She learns that Nukui has been sleeping in an unoccupied store in the same building. Nukui has a fever, and Ichina gets him medicine & makes him food. Nukui tells her Yoko will come home soon.

Ichina remembers when she was young, Yoko told her she will be picking her up later from the pre-school because Yoko was working further away. Ichina would get picked up while she was asleep, wake up while Yoko was sleeping, and would quietly eat & read a picture book until Yoko got up the next day.

After a while, Ichina started getting stomach aches & she noticed that Yoko looked like she didn't know what to do. So when Ichina apologized to Yoko, she looked even more upset with not knowing what to do. Next night, Yoko calls up someone then tells Ichina they can hang out all day. Soon after, they moved to their current apartment & Yoko started her bar.

Yoko hasn't been gone for more than 2 days since then. Ichina wonders if Yoko will ever come back & all of a sudden she's filled with uncontrollable emotion.

Then she gets a call from Sekiya. All alone, Ichina asks Sekiya to come over quickly because she's alone. Sekiya rushes over & Ichina clings to him.

"Sekiya's call was perfect timing... (or possibly the worst timing)"

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I was wondering, this sounds like an interesting drama-manga. Do you know how to get scanned raws of that manga?

Thanks for the synopsis anyways!!:)v-7v-206
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