A manga junkie's recommendations on titles Company B can't or won't license.
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Chokotto Hime vol 1
2006.09.12. (Tue) | Edit |
At Company B, we get lots of different magazines for licensing purposes & we also order lots of random new manga to check them out.

So here's one that was ordered for licensing purposes, but Company B won't be picking up.

Chokotto Hime vol 1

Chokotto Hime is a 4-panel manga about a cat & her owner. The title sounded moe or cute-adventure (still moe), so I think that's why it was ordered.

Well I was right about the moe thing.
The cat is a cat, but half the time she's depicted as a human-shaped girl. I think Taruto was like that.

Nabe-kun (nii-chan to Hime) finds a cat, looks for someone to adopt it, but decides to adopt it himself. He's never had a pet before, so he learns to take care of a cat & slowly becomes what all cat owners are... oya-baka, meaning stupid parent.

It's the syndrome where you think that your cat is the cutest cat ever.

Anyway, having a stupid but oh-so-cute cat myself, I'm a sucker for cat manga like this. Yeah, it's moe, but there's nothing morally disturbing (even if Hime is depicted as a human & calls her owner "nii-chan"), and the art is cute.

It's too bad that the cover art isn't that cute. It'll draw the moe loving ota's, but cat loving women like me wouldn't pick it up by looking at the cover. There are cuter color images within the manga too (they're not printed in color, but was originally in color), altho it's more loli-tic.

Chokotto Hime
Author: Ayami Kazama
Volumes: 1 (on-going)
Publisher: Square Enix

Likelihood of Company B to license: -4
Not much market for 4-panel manga in the US yet. Although it would be something cute to serialize on a website, and release it a la the web-comic method. Something Company B is considering for some of Parent Company B's titles, but it's not something easily do-able with other publishers.


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