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Furuhata Ninzaburo TV Series
2006.09.15. (Fri) | Edit |
My mother is a big fan of actor Masakazu Tamura, so we grew up watching many of his drama series. So naturally we watched Furuhata Ninzaburo TV series on rental video.

Furuhata Ninzaburo isn't based off a manga series, so it really doesn't fit in this blog. But my sister was watching one of the DVDs (she has the first 2 seasons & the special on DVD... and recycling bottles to buy the 3rd season DVD box which costs $300), so it made me want to mention it a bit here.

Well, it's mostly because I get in the mode of "I wish I had the opportunity to work on this project" when I see good shows. That must be my producer itch.

When you're a translator or a localization producer/editor, you start translating manga, anime, video games, TV series... you name it... in your head. It's like a puzzle trying to come up with the best way to express the passion you feel hearing/reading it in the original language.

The script of Furuhata is really smart & it's one of those shows where if I had all the money in the world, I'd localize it just to work on it.

Oh, I didn't even talk about the show.

It's a murder mystery series. Each episode has a different murder case, so it's a lot like Detective Conan. Which I've been watching on the Funimation Channel. I want to write to them that I want to see more Conan, but I'm debating if I want to use my real name. I mean, I work with them a bit at Company B.

Furuhata is the name of the detective on the show. Furuhata starts each episode with a monologue about random things, that kind of tie into the case. He's also joked in one of the monologues that all great Japanese detectives (fictional, of course) have a fancy last name & an ordinary first name. Like Kogoro Akechi. Or Kosuke Kindaichi. I haven't read any of those novels, but I know about them from Detective Conan. The power of manga!


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