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How a Movie Determined My Yaoi Life
2007.02.09. (Fri) | Edit |
I received a package from Amazon today.

This time of the year is a good time to buy DVDs, since a lot of retailers are dumping their inventory. Well, not that these mega stores don't have the option of returning DVDs back to the studios. They just have to throw their "Well, if we can't return your non-selling DVDs, we just won't order from you anymore" weight around. So I'm sure studios agreed to let the big box stores sell them below the wholesale price.

So while I may be bitter as a DVD-making-tiny-company manager, it's a great time for consumers.

One DVD I bought was The Crying Game.
It was a movie that was recommended by my AP English teacher when I was a senior in high school (yikes, that gives away my age). Of course Mrs. Manchester didn't tell us about the "secret" of the movie. I think she might have said it's a good film & maybe something about being an eye-opener.

So I watched it in the theaters with a group of my friends.

The "secret" part was shocking.
I left the theater with a bigger impact in my 17-year old heart (mind?).

The love between two people that goes beyond gender.

Now, 10+ years later, I thought... did this movie steer me to my eventual interest in yaoi manga?

I think I started reading shounen ai by the time I wrote a college paper on Japanese girls and their fascination with "boys love" for my Japanese pop culture class.

I think I first learned about the genre in a manga review magazine called Putao, published by Hakusensha. Then I discovered a website by Matt Thorn who wrote articles about it & was working on a doctoral thesis on the subject. And through Matt Thorn's website, I learned that Putao columnist Yukari Fujimoto (I never bothered to check her name in the magazine articles) is a manga hyoronka & has published books on the subject matter.

Though I'm not like Matt or Fujimoto-san, where I'm fascinated by the academic part of the genre. That's what got me started & made me a loyal reader of Biblos' Magazine BexBoy (Maga-B for short) until the company declared bankruptcy. Of course by the time company folded, I had evolved from an average reader to a business associate.

But back to the human love concept of gay romances. I still like the yaoi manga that has a good story about two people in love (and they just happen to be two men). So I really like Saigo no Door wo Shimero (最後のドアを閉めろ) series and Kawaii Hito (可愛いひと) series.

Both series make you cry.
It's that good.

And there are lots of good ones like that out there.

So I may take a break from reading manga this weekend & pop in The Crying Game. A part of me wants to keep the memory of the "impact" the story had, but another part of me wants to know if I'll still have the same feelings as I did 10+ years ago.

If I can re-read manga from 15+ years ago and still cry over the same story, wouldn't it be the same with movies?


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