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Arakawa Under the Bridge vol 2
2006.08.09. (Wed) | Edit |
At Company B, we keep different manga in the women's restroom to read. Well, I bring in the manga. And occasionally the other women in the office read them.

Restroom reading should be kept short.
Those are the teachings of Uncle John of the Bathroom Reader Institute.

So one of the manga I keep in there is Arakawa Under the Bridge vol 2.

Arakawa Under the Bridge vol 2

It's a gag manga about a young "elite" man who has a policy of not being in debt to anyone. But he ends up owing his life to a strange girl who saves his life.

Rino, the girl, believes she's a martian & lives under the bridge by the Arakawa river. So the young man ends up living there too.

The young man is named Riku, which is short for recruit (リクルート). It's a Japanese-English word used to refer to newly recruited businessman/woman.

Oh, the person who names Riku is the mayor of Arakawa Under the Bridge, who happens to be a kappa. A kappa who has a zipper showing on his back.

There are other unique characters who keep popping up in Arakawa community. Like the man called Sister because he's a nun who wields guns. Or a guy called Hoshi (trans. "star") who has a star-shaped head.

I was searching on Amazon.co.jp when I noticed they released Arakawa Under the Bridge vol 3 in June! I completely missed it.

So time to order from Tohan, so I can buy it from Retailer AG (which is operated by Company B).

Arakawa Under the Bridge
Author: Hikaru Nakamura
Volumes: currently up to vol 3
Publisher: Square Enix

Likelihood for Company B to license: - 10
(on a scale of 1 to 10)
Maybe if Cromatie HS sells like crazy. But even then, maybe.


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2007/02/03(Sat) 06:11:16 | | #[ Edit]
under the bridge
BOLD*laugh* I love that all of the functions are in Japanese! Anyway, I've been reading this manga every now and then in the restroom. I've often wondered how it actually begins.
2006/08/14(Mon) 12:55:27 | URL | Ardith #-[ Edit]
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