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I inherited Hachimitsu to Clover, aka Hachi-Kuro, aka Honey and Clover, from a friend who was leaving for Japan.

Although he only had vol 1, then vol 5-10. No worries, I'll pick up copies of vol 2-4 one of these days.

I read the tail end of the series in Chorus, when it had moved from Young You (and didn't it move from Bonita or something before that?).

But it was hard to get into, since I didn't know the characters. And I think I thought Hagu-chan was the main character, I guess. Which makes sense when color images mostly show Hagu... which I guess is from the point of view of the real main character, Takemoto-kun.

So reading the tail end of the story, I thought Hagu-chan was annoying. Cries a lot, looks weak, wishy washy. Ugaah!

You really need to read this manga from the beginning.

Of course I skipped vol 2-4, and I'm only in the middle of vol 7... so I can't say much about the overall story yet.

Not that I need to give my review/recommendation on it, since it's already available in the US. I just wanted to say, "Gambare, Takemoto-kun!"

Hachimitsu to Clover (Honey and Clover)
Author: Chika Umino
Volumes: 10
Publisher: Shueisha


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