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Kisekae Yuka-chan vol 11
2007.11.04. (Sun) | Edit |
I got a bunch of special order manga in this week.
So after spending a whole week reading all of them, I realized I left this blog alone too long.

One of the last books I read in this pile is Kisekae Yuka-chan (きせかえユカちゃん) vol 11. The reason I'm writing about the last book is because.. it's the most recent read. When you get older, you tend to forget what you read a while back. Komatta ne~

This volume of Kisekae Yuka-chan featured Midori-chan a lot. Her mom is expecting a baby, plus there was a lot of fashion-y topics (which is good, since the last couple of volumes talked about making manga, making movies... a lot of Yuka-mom's hobbies).

BUT the main thing of this volume is Yumi going to study abroad in Belgium & how Shige tells her at the airport that he still likes her and will wait for her in Japan.

Oh, the one-shot manga, Glass no Ringo (硝子のリンゴ) was cute too. It's about a girl who failed her college entrance exam & was dumped by her boyfriend. But she meets a smart but unlucky boy through the 予備校 (prep school). They're not dating yet, but he helps her get back at her ex-b/f. きもちいいー、ね (feels good).

I really like Akiko Higashimura's short stories.

Kisekae Yuka-chan
Author: Akiko Higashimura
Volume: 11 (on going)
Publisher: Shueisha

Short synopsis of each chapter in the "read more" section.
Chapter 68 Spicy Girl
Ever since Masumi's mom, Mayumi, came back home, his dad's restaurant hasn't been getting customers. Yuka, Midori and their mothers investigate, and find out that Mayumi's been adding spices to the food based on the customer's needs. Masumi notices that Mayumi is happy about adding spices & asks his dad to change the restaurant into an Indian curry restaurant for the day.

Chapter 69 & 70 Fashion Show
Yuka's classmate Fu-chan's family has a photo shop & got a new machine to print pictures on t-shirts. So all the kids get their one-of-a-kind t-shirt made, but Midori thinks it's not fashionable. Fu-chan cries & Midori worries that she's going to be ignored by all the girls in class. They do, so Midori thinks that she can get the girls to like her again by making t-shirts that she thinks is fashionable & the girls would like. She makes an original t-shirt using illustrations by Yuka, and has a fashion show. Her classmates think the t-shirts are cool & they make up.

Chapter 71 Field Trip
Yuka's class goes hiking. The kids are only allowed 500yen in snacks, so Yuka brings 50 umai-bou (うまい棒, which is like a giant cheese puff) which costs 10yen each.
Sadako doesn't like the outdoors (yay!), so she doesn't care about the hike... until another class passes them. She gets her students to hike faster, but Yuka gets left behind as she picks a persimmon. At the fork in the road, Yuka decides to take the middle (which is a thick forest area). But they're able to find her because her umai-bou fell out of the bag, leaving a trail.

Chapter 72 Taiyou ni Hoero (Yell at the Sun)
Movie making episode with Yuka-mom. She finds a 8mm camera & they decide to make a movie.

Chapter 73-75 Okashi na Futari
Yumi gets accepted to study abroad in Belgium. Yumi is worried about Yuka, since their mom has been busy with different things & will only cook udon. Yuka doesn't want to eat only udon, so she asks Shige to stop Yumi from going to Belgium.

Of course Shige has to think about his feelings for Yumi, but he doesn't know what he should say. He lets Yuka & Midori dress him up in kimono, but before he can say anything, Sadako comes to the art school & starts lecturing over a megaphone.

Yumi decides to head to Belgium earlier than planned, so she won't change her mind. On the way to the airport, Midori-mom goes into labor. Everyone goes to the hospital, while Shige takes Yumi to the airport by himself. After the baby is born, Midori-mom calls Shige about how the baby worked hard to come out into the world... and he gets the courage to tell Yumi that he still likes her & will wait for her to come back. Of course Midori-mom's call was scripted by Yuka/Yumi-mom.

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