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Cat Street vol 6
2007.11.04. (Sun) | Edit |
I'm six months behind writing this review.
I didn't feel like writing it, because this volume just felt like a transition volume & I needed to read the next volume to get motivation to write about it.

The four main characters more or less graduate from El Liston. Rei heads overseas to try soccer again. Koichi had already started his software company. Kate re-starts her acting career. And Momiji doesn't really have a reason to stay there anymore.

By the end of the volume, three years pass by & Kate and Koichi bump into each other.

Anyhoo, nothing too significant happens in the volume, which is why I didn't feel like writing. For those who were waiting, sorry for the late synopsis. I finally have some time this weekend (from being sick), so thus the post.

Cat Street
Author: Yoko Kamio
Volumes: 7 (on going)
Publisher: Shueisha

Synopsis in the "read more" section.
Kate was helping Koichi's sister's college stage group prepare for their new show. She starts planning to do something with Rei during Christmas Eve, but Rei tells her that they should go back to being friends again. He tels Kate that he went to Koichi's house & slapped him after hearing that Kate had slept over after the guy-who-dumped-Momiji incident. Rei tells her that he doesn't want to hurt Kate so wants to stay away from her for a while.

During the school Christmas party, Kate asks the principal why she can't make anyone happy. He tells her that it's because her happiness was something that others had provided to her, but if she's unable to bring happiness to herself, she won't be able to make others happy either. Kate realizes that she liked Rei & really enjoyed the place that she finally found that she was trying to tell herself that she was in love.

Soon after, Kate visits Nako's agency to see if they can introduce her to any auditions. Nako recommends an audition for a movie & Kate accepts. But Nako's manager reminds Nako that it's a fake audition where the actress is already planned. Nako tells her manager that Kate needs to learn that this industry is always full of hurdles.

Kate goes to the audition without knowing that the actress is already selected. She gets the script, and realizes she can't read it because there are kanji she never learned. A girl who was sitting next to her offers to write down the reading of the kanji. Kate practices on the rooftop of the building, where a guy is sitting reading a script. He cracks up, but Kate doesn't know why.

It's Kate's turn to audition, and her lines are completely different from the script. The producers are annoyed & ask her to leave. The girls who helped Kate are laughing outside the door, when the guy on the rooftop barges into the audition room. He's Ryosuke, the lead actor of the film. He asks the producers to let her audition again, but Kate decides to leave anyway. Ryosuke tells her that maybe she shouldn't step into this industry, but Kate tells him that she'll bring a dictionary next time.

After the audition, Kate gets a call from Koichi who tells her that Rei is leaving for Brazil to play soccer. Momiji and Koichi are alrady at Narita looking for Rei. They finally see him as he's walking into the terminal. Rei waves to them smiling. Koichi shows Kate & Momiji a note that Rei wrote, just in case he doesn't see them before he leaves. It says "If anything happens to any of us, we have to rush back from the ends of the world."

That night, Kate gets a call from the film director asking her to play the part of the main character's best friend. Kate feels that god always gives her a gift in exchange for something important.

Before they part, Kate and Koichi exchange phone numbers & email addresses. Koichi asks how the audition was & Kate says it was bad because she couldn't read the kanji. Momiji asks Koichi to help Kate look for some kanji practice textbooks. Kate knows Rei arranged for the three of them to get together to keep in touch, and she thanks him for it.

Kate goes to Nako's agency, and Nako's manager tells her that she's extremely lucky to get the part of the best friend. Nako walks in and tells Kate that the audition was fixed. But Kate says she was really really lucky then. Manager Takashima is amazed at Kate's positive thinking.

Koichi calls Kate saying he found textbooks for her. She's sad to think that they may not see each other anymore, when a guy tries to pick up on her. Koichi returns & tells Kate that she can feel free to call him anytime.

First day of filming begins. Kate plays the part of Nozomi, the best friend of Madoka, a girl who's house burns down & her parents and younger brother die in the fire. Madoka's only support is her boyfriend Shinya, played by Ryosuke, but he slowly gets attracted to Nozomi.

They start rehearsing one scene, but they can't get the OK from the director. After several takes, they decide to re-shoot on another day. Manager Takashima wonders what happened, and Kate says she doesn't know why she can't get an OK in the scene. Plus that the girl who plays Madoka acts like a ventriloquist's doll.

Ryosuke hears Kate saying she might not be able to do this, and he tells her that Madoka is doing the best she can & Kate needs to realize why she was selected for the part of the best friend. Kate realizes she needs to adjust her acting to those around her & asks her manager to help read the script. Nako offers to help her read the script to practice.

Kate & Nako go over to Nako's house, and Kate learns that Nako's parents got a divorce 4 years ago & she's only living with her mother. Kate thanks Nako for helping her, and Nako tells her that she'll betray Kate anytime. Kate smiles and tells her that she'll be careful.

Filming continues, and filming goes smoothly because Kate adjusted her acting. But Rie (who plays Madoka) is complaining to her manager that she can't do the main character as her first acting role. Kate comes over to eat lunch with her, and Rie yells at Kate, asking if she just came to laugh at her bad acting. Kate tells Rie that she doesn't have to do a good job playing Madoka since the character doesn't have a normal situation. And that Madoka should be angry & yell at Nozomi like Rie just did to Kate.

Madoka's acting slowly improves, and the crew compares Kate to a moon that pulls objects towards her using her gravity. Ryosuke tells Rie that her acting is improving, and Rie tells her that she sometimes feels that Kate is really Nozomi who cares about her like her best friend.

During another scene shooting, the cast & crew are on the beach in the winter. The scene involves Nozomi and Shinya running into the ocean looking for Madoka, but Shinya confesses his feelings to Nozomi & Madoka watches from the shore and cries. The crew is worried about Kate and Ryosuke who will be going into the cold winter water for the summertime scene. They tell Kate that she won't be able to wear a skin suit underneath her school uniform & she tells them that she's OK because she's wearing 3 underwear. Ryosuke says he doesn't need a skin suit either.

Nozomi and Shinya's acting is fine, but Madoka is unable to cry in the first take. They do several takes, but Madoka is unable to cry & she starts to look pressured. Kate tells Rie not to worry, and that they can keep doing the take. Ryosuke agrees that they can do it at least 10 more times. Rie is touched, and she is able to cry in the next take.

That night, Kate starts to feel feverish & her manager sends her home. On the way home she sees the security software Koichi's company developed.

Back at Koichi's home, Koichi's sister asks him if Cockscomb is the word for keitou, the flower. Koichi tells her that he hasn't seen Kate in a while, and she tells him that feelings aren't like math & there aren't answers to everything. Kate goes to Koichi's house and sees Koichi talking to his sister and laughing. Kate decides not to stop by and goes home, feeling a little sad.

Koichi decides he'll go visit Kate and goes over to her house. Kate's younger sister Chika asks who he is, and Koichi asks her to call Kate. But instead of calling Kate, Chika just tells Koichi that Kate said she doesn't want to see him anymore.

Filming of the movie ends, and the director thanks Kate. Ryosuke hears that Kate got another drama gig, and tells her that the spiral is starting for her. The movie was released & didn't get good reviews, but Kate's parents went to see it 5 times.

Time passes, and Kate is now 19.
Kate is looking at Nako's photograph book. Nako took the photos in Normandy, and Kate notices a cat on top of the roof. Nako tells her that it's an accessory on some of the houses, imitating a folklore that the cats get together at night for a meeting. And they call it "cat street." Kate tells Nako that she feels like she's been there.

Kate is being driven to her next job, when she's surprised at the posters of her new movie in the city. She sees a young man looking at the poster & asks her manager to stop the car. Kate gets out and goes up to the young man. Koichi turns around.

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Cat Street 7
Just got vol. 7 -- and would say that IT seems to be a TRUE transition volume. ;-}

Not much detailed deciphering done yet -- as the easier to handle Yotsuba 7 arrived at the same time.
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