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Cat Street vol 8
2008.05.04. (Sun) | Edit |
I realized I haven't written a review for Cat Street vol 7, but I just got vol 8 & thought I should write about it before I forget to. Plus I'd have to locate vol 7 somewhere.

For those who don't know, Cat Street ends in vol 8.
I think YokoKamio had enough of writing a long series, plus she already started a new series in Jump Squared called "Matsuri Special."

While I still don't agree with the sudden 3-year jump in the story in vol 6, seeing how Cat Street ended, I understand why the author needed to do that. It could have transitioned better, but I don't have any suggestions as to how, so I'll shut up now.

Cat Street has an okay ending. It's too bad that the second half of the series isn't a "I can cry every time I read it" like the first 4 volumes. Hm, I should write about Kimi ni Kagayaku (君に輝く), which is a really old shoujo manga... I can read that every time & cry for hours (it's a happy ending!).

But Cat Street vol 8 ends happy.
I liked the one line about "the legendary four"... it's like F4. Oh, a bit different. But thought it was funny, although I'm sure it wasn't intended that way.

Oh, and there's a short story about Momiji at the end. It's cute, although I would stay away from a guy who wears a cape. And blue contacts.

Cat Street
Author: Yoko Kamio
Volumes: 8 (end)
Publisher: Shueisha

Anyhoo, enjoy the synopsis!

Chapter 1
Arai-san comes back to the restaurant & Kate notices blood on her cell phone, but Arai-san dismisses it. Kate tells Arai-san about moving out her parent's home & Arai-san is insistent on helping her move. Koichi later tells Kate that she can say no, but she says she can't.

That same day, Kate gets offered a lead part in a new play written by a famous playwright Ebina. He's the same person who told Kate that she's been slacking off on vocal training (back in vol 3?). Kate feels that she wants everyone who supported her to watch her play.

Kate moves out of her parent's home and moves into her apartment. Arai-san visits & she notices a magazine article about Kate. Kate tries to change the subject & asks Arai-san if she attends college, but she responds saying that "Everything is completely dark." Kate realizes that Arai-san has the same look as a lot of the kids at El Liston & asks her if she's experience the same thing as she has.

Meanwhile Koichi visits Taiyo to ask about Arai-san. Taiyo tells them it's impossible that Kate & Koichi met Arai-san recently, because she died when they were in the 6th grade.

Chapter 2
Koichi calls Kate's cell phone, but it's ringing in her room. Kate's manager is also frantically looking for her, because Kate didn't show up for rehearsal.

In an abandoned building, Takashi & the girl pretending to be Arai-san (Natsumi) are carrying Kate upstairs. Kate wakes up & asks Natsumi why she's doing this, and she responds that she was just annoyed at Kate.

Flashback to Natsumi & Takashi in high school. Natsumi befriends Takashi who gets beaten up at school, and she was accused of shoplifting when her classmates slipped an earring in her bag. Natsumi tells Takashi that something good will happen one day.

Takashi tells Kate that Natsumi plans on holding her for a week. Kate asks why, and Takashi tells her that it's because Kate was able to get back on track. Kate tells them that she always used to blame other people, but learned to do something for herself. That darkness always followed her, and it would have been easy to go back into seclusion, but she needed to find happiness for herself.

Koichi goes to his office & his assistant tells him that they just got a big contract with a major PC maker. But Koichi tells her that he can't go to the meeting because he needs to find Kate. All of his assistants work on gathering information, when Koichi remembers a flier that Natsumi tossed away. He calls the real estate agent, who tells him that a girl with long hair wanted to rent out an abandoned building.

Takashi convinces Natsumi to let Kate go. He tells Kate that Natsumi really admired Kate and was rooting for her, but nothing was going right for them, so she was taking it out on Kate. When Kate exists the building, Koichi who is out of breath is right outside.

Chapter 3
Kate's manager is horrified with what happened to Kate, but she only apologizes saying it's her fault. Kate realized that being hit hurts & the hand that hit her must have hurt too.

Natsumi & Takashi are sitting in the building, thinking whether the police will come after them. Natsumi tells Takashi to escape, but he tells her he has nowhere to go. Kate shows up at the building & tells them she didn't bring the police but she had something to do. She starts cutting Natsumi's hair, saying she should have noticed that Natsumi had unkept hair. Kate tells Natsumi that she's good at cutting hair because she's been doing it for 7 years while she stayed at home in seclusion. Kate leaves 2 tickets to her play, but Natsumi crumples them up.

Koichi is sitting on the rooftop of his office building & he apologizes to his assistant for ruining the biggest contract they could have ever had. She tells him that she realized he has to make something no one else can make.

Kate goes to rehearsal & apologizes to the cast and staff. Nako whispers to her that she has all the lines memorized for the lead, and she can take over anytime. Later during break, Nako tells Kate that when she didn't show up for rehearsal, it's as she expected from Kate. That unlike her with average talent who'll cling on to acting no matter what, Kate seemed to be a type that would one day disappear from acting.

That night Kate is at Koichi's house staring into space. She tells Koichi that she wasn't thinking of quitting acting, but she thought there was something else she should be doing. Kate says she might want to eventually live at his house, then retracts. Koichi tells her that he didn't think anyone else would matter to him, but he thought he would die when she disappeared. Kate realizes she would drop everything if something happened to Koichi. Koichi tells her that he's going to be penniless and will possibly get a loan. Kate understands what he wants to do.

Kate, Koichi & Momiji meet up at El Liston. It's the last day of school, with all the buildings being sold in parts to various buyers. The students notice Kate & come up to her saying they heard stories about "the legendary four" (tee hee) from the school master & they aspired to be like them.

Kate realizes all she could do when she arrived at El Liston was to live for herself, but there were those who were watching her. Kate asks Koichi if she should do what she can do & he says of course. She decides to do what she can standing on her own two feet as long as the velvet curtain rises.

Rei & Taiyo are practicing soccer when Taiyo's girlfriend (forgot her name) comes to get them. She's excited that Kate's stage sold out in 10 minutes. Rei says something revolutionary is happening elsewhere too.

Koichi is at a bank signing papers to buy back a part of El Liston using all of his savings. Momiji says she'll do everything she can do to help. He tells her to go to the theater first, because he has something he needs to buy.

Kate's family heads to the theater too. Kate's mother is worried about her going back on stage.

In the dressing room, Kate's manager notices that Kate is nervous. A staff brings Kate a bouquet of wild flowers. It's keitou, and Kate realizes it's from Koichi. She heads to stage with her 7-year old self.

El Liston is being rebuilt by staff & students. Momiji is happy to be allowed to use a section of the school for her accessory making. Rei is a soccer player in the Japanese league. Nako had a hit drama and is now a busy actress. Taiyo didn't become a pro soccer player but got a teaching credential & will be an elementary school teacher. Kate & Koichi will be getting married the following year.

The students & staff complain they're hungry, and Momiji says that the new school master Koichi will treat. They all head to the family restaurant Rei used to work at & they talk about how everything started there.

Kate tells them that the thing she ordered from France will be arriving. She bought four metal cat rooftop accessories to decorate the top of El Liston.

- The End -

Side Story: Momiji's Ribbon Road
(coming soon... too tired)

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