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No More Direct Manga for Now
2008.06.18. (Wed) | Edit |
Long time no write.

Lately I haven't been reading a lot of manga.

Well, the only thing I've been reading regularly is 20th Century Boys. And to keep it as exciting as possible, I've been ordering one volume at a time. The books arrive every other week, and I'm on volume 13.

But couple of weeks ago, I had to order the rest of the volumes. So vol 14 - 24.

Because our direct ordering thru a Japanese distributor is going to stop after June. It's a long, complicated story that I don't want to get into... so let's keep it as 大人の事情. There never seems to be a good translation for that.

So I have to go back to buying manga from Kinokuniya again. Or BookOff, if it's an older series.

Maybe I should go work for a place that'll send me to Japan every month.


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