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anego - TV drama
2006.08.14. (Mon) | Edit |
I went to my mom's house for the weekend, since Tofu Festival is right around the corner from her place.

She had rented a TV drama series called anego (アネゴ), which is about a single 32-year old OL looking for love. Naoko Noda is called "anego" by her co-workers because she's worked at the company for 10 years & she likes to take care of people (listen to younger co-worker's work-related & personal problems, etc).

Oh, anego means older sister... although it has a different nuance than onee-chan (familiar), onee-san (less familiar), aneki (rough, boy-ish talk). It has a more y*kuza or ryoutei (Japanese restaurant) or ryokan (Japanese inn/hotel) type of nuance.

It's a word that has hierarchy, which makes sense because the kanji for "go" (御) is an honorific term.

Anyway, this is turning into a Japanese translation blog & not a manga blog. So back to the manga part.

Why I brought up anego is because of the manga-generation influences it had in the production execution.

I haven't read the original novel by Mariko Hayashi, so I don't know if the manga-ish parts were written in the story from the start... or if the screenwriter/adapter added those elements.

One thing anego had were side-subtitles of what Naoko was thinking to herself as she was talking to others. Tends to happen mostly in the awkward romantic scenes ("Is he going to confess his love to me?").

In drama and anime, thoughts are generally expressed through voice overs, but I liked the subtitled part. It's very manga-esque with lots of tsukkomi and side comments that would be hand-written on the side of the text bubble in manga.

Then there were day dream sequences, which are not uncommon in other dramas, but w/ the thought subtitles, makes it more manga-ish.

I don't check out the Japanese channel, so I don't know what dramas are running all the time... but if they air a subtitled version of anego, it's something worth watching.

PS. Rie Tomosaka (Miyuki from Kindaichi Shounen TV series) plays Naoko's former co-worker turned happily married house wife in anego. It's surprising (and shocking) to see an actress who you remember seeing play a high school student now play a role of a house wife. How time passes. And I'm now over 30 and still single. Am I an anego too? doki!


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