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Chorus, Cookie September 2006 Issue
2006.08.15. (Tue) | Edit |
We received the import book shipment at Company B today.

So I received my monthly subscription to Chorus and Cookie.

Chorus Sept 2006 issue included a special chapter of Kimi no Inai Rakuen (君のいない楽園), which is a series that recently ended. It's a girl-grows-up story about a tomboy named Tomoe. Her father was a world famous photographer who died in an accident when she was young, and she is raised by her mother & her father's apprentice Kazuya.

The title gets its name from letters Tomoe's father wrote to her while he was away taking photographs. He always signed off as "From dad, in heaven without you." Which sounds weird literally, but is basically a poetic way of saying how he misses her.

The series started when she was in elementary school, and ended with her starting college. The special chapter was about her college life.

Of course I started reading Chorus when I learned that Yukari Ichijo was drawing manga for the magazine. I grew up reading her manga in Ribbon, such as Yuukan Club (有閑倶楽部)and other shorts. Her current series is called Pride, a story about two opera students - one is a former wealthy girl (her father's business failed) named Shio and a poor girl named Moe.

In the Sept 2006 issue, Shio, Moe and Ranmaru get together once again as singing unit SRM to shoot a commercial. The recording session goes smoothly, and they have to shoot the commercial by the beach in the middle of winter (and pretend it's summer). Shio doesn't want to be branded as the wealthy girl who can't work professionally, tries to do everything asked of her, and ends up getting caught in the wave.

My guess is in the next issue, Ranmaru takes care of Shio who catches a cold from the winter ocean and their tense romance re-kindles. Then Shio's fiancee shows up. Kyaa! Kyaa!

Ice Age wasn't that exciting this month, so I'll talk about it next month. Utena's Marriage was about Iona, so skip-skip. I hope they get back to Anon's romance.

In Cookie Sept 2006 issue, Nana is starting to move along quickly. Maybe I forgot to read the August 2006 issue? Anyway, BlaSt is having a thank-you party for a small group of fans, and the second Misato is there. Meanwhile a reporter tells Hachiko about Nana's mother, so Hachiko goes to Osaka to see if Nana's mother really does live there & has a new family. doki doki doki.

Paraparu (パラパル) is moving too slowly these days. Oh, but Paraparu vol 3 arrived in the same shipment, so maybe I'll talk about in the next two weeks.

Sometimes I get too scared to read Anoko to Issho (あの子と一緒) because I'm worried something terrible would happen to Kazumi. Or even Kanori.

And Kisekae Yuka-chan (きせかえユカちゃん) was a not-so funny episode. I hope they get back to Sadako's storyline.

Like Chorus, I started reading Cookie because there are former Ribbon authors drawing in the magazine. I grew up reading Tenshi Nanka ja Nai by Ai Yazawa (Nana) and Ponytail Hakusho by Megumi Mizusawa (Kira Kira 100%).

But Cookie is a bit too young-ish for me. Topic-wise. Too many shocking & scandalous topics for 30-something like me. It took me a while to get used to the art style for a lot of the manga too. Very Happy Mania type of art style.

Aside from Chorus & Cookie, I only had two special order manga for myself. The rest of the box is all production/licensing related for Company B. I can't talk about them here or in Company B blog (unless we end up licensing it).

I hope I find enough manga to write about here.


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