A manga junkie's recommendations on titles Company B can't or won't license.
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Filler Entry
2008.01.20. (Sun) | Edit |
I've been so busy writing my work related blogs that I've neglected this one too long.. and now the comments are filled with spam & I also get a message saying that blogs that have been ignored for over 1 month get this automatic advertisement post.

Do all free blogs do that?

Anyhoo, this is a filler entry.

I'll write about 20th Century Boys (already licensed by Company V) one of these days.

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Kisekae Yuka-chan vol 11
2007.11.04. (Sun) | Edit |
I got a bunch of special order manga in this week.
So after spending a whole week reading all of them, I realized I left this blog alone too long.

One of the last books I read in this pile is Kisekae Yuka-chan (きせかえユカちゃん) vol 11. The reason I'm writing about the last book is because.. it's the most recent read. When you get older, you tend to forget what you read a while back. Komatta ne~

This volume of Kisekae Yuka-chan featured Midori-chan a lot. Her mom is expecting a baby, plus there was a lot of fashion-y topics (which is good, since the last couple of volumes talked about making manga, making movies... a lot of Yuka-mom's hobbies).

BUT the main thing of this volume is Yumi going to study abroad in Belgium & how Shige tells her at the airport that he still likes her and will wait for her in Japan.

Oh, the one-shot manga, Glass no Ringo (硝子のリンゴ) was cute too. It's about a girl who failed her college entrance exam & was dumped by her boyfriend. But she meets a smart but unlucky boy through the 予備校 (prep school). They're not dating yet, but he helps her get back at her ex-b/f. きもちいいー、ね (feels good).

I really like Akiko Higashimura's short stories.

Kisekae Yuka-chan
Author: Akiko Higashimura
Volume: 11 (on going)
Publisher: Shueisha

Short synopsis of each chapter in the "read more" section.

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Cat Street vol 6
2007.11.04. (Sun) | Edit |
I'm six months behind writing this review.
I didn't feel like writing it, because this volume just felt like a transition volume & I needed to read the next volume to get motivation to write about it.

The four main characters more or less graduate from El Liston. Rei heads overseas to try soccer again. Koichi had already started his software company. Kate re-starts her acting career. And Momiji doesn't really have a reason to stay there anymore.

By the end of the volume, three years pass by & Kate and Koichi bump into each other.

Anyhoo, nothing too significant happens in the volume, which is why I didn't feel like writing. For those who were waiting, sorry for the late synopsis. I finally have some time this weekend (from being sick), so thus the post.

Cat Street
Author: Yoko Kamio
Volumes: 7 (on going)
Publisher: Shueisha

Synopsis in the "read more" section.

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2007.10.01. (Mon) | Edit |
I inherited Hachimitsu to Clover, aka Hachi-Kuro, aka Honey and Clover, from a friend who was leaving for Japan.

Although he only had vol 1, then vol 5-10. No worries, I'll pick up copies of vol 2-4 one of these days.

I read the tail end of the series in Chorus, when it had moved from Young You (and didn't it move from Bonita or something before that?).

But it was hard to get into, since I didn't know the characters. And I think I thought Hagu-chan was the main character, I guess. Which makes sense when color images mostly show Hagu... which I guess is from the point of view of the real main character, Takemoto-kun.

So reading the tail end of the story, I thought Hagu-chan was annoying. Cries a lot, looks weak, wishy washy. Ugaah!

You really need to read this manga from the beginning.

Of course I skipped vol 2-4, and I'm only in the middle of vol 7... so I can't say much about the overall story yet.

Not that I need to give my review/recommendation on it, since it's already available in the US. I just wanted to say, "Gambare, Takemoto-kun!"

Hachimitsu to Clover (Honey and Clover)
Author: Chika Umino
Volumes: 10
Publisher: Shueisha

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Ordering October 2007 Manga
2007.09.07. (Fri) | Edit |
It's the manga ordering time of the month!

October 2007 manga I'm ordering...

Houkago Hokenshitsu vol 9
Is this the last volume? I usually forget what's happening whenever a new volume comes out, so I have to re-read all the previous books. There isn't a whole lot of text, so it doesn't take me too long to re-read. I'm a slow manga reader, so that's one thing I'm always happy about.

Himawari Ken'ichi Legend vol 5
I like the stories that revolve around Ken'ichi #2 (the gardener). Why does this book come out so quickly? Is it because it runs on a weekly magazine?

Kisekae Yuka-chan vol 11
I stopped getting Cookie monthly, so all the stories are new to me.

Kira Kira 100% vol 5
It's getting a bit young for my tastes. I'm just continuing, since I already started.

Ice Age vol 8
Yay! I stopped getting Chorus monthly too, so I'm really looking forward to this volume.

Omukae Made 8-Jikan vol 2
Yoko Gendai finally has a new book out! I support manga artists who only earn about an normal salary.

Ren'ai Catalog vol 34
Also getting a bit too young, but I already have the rest of the series...

Shanimuni Go vol 27
IH starts! I have to re-read all 26 volumes and get pumped up for this volume. Kyaa!

Detective Conan vol 59
I heard that Gosho Aoyama is taking a break for a while. I keep skipping volumes when I order Conan. And I have a lot of doubles too. What to do?

October is a pretty good month.

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